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This will give you a quick overview of all the features to get the most of our MLS Search – including Map Searches, Quick Searches, Detailed Searches, Saving Searches, Sharing Properties with Family and Friends, Liking, Commenting and more to make your home search powerful and fun.

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Watch this video for Tips & Tricks (Coming Soon)

This will show you 5 tips and tricks to help set up sometimes difficult searches to find properties listed for sale like a Pro. Learn some Detailed and Creative searches and tips & tricks to find exactly what you’re looking for.


How to find a specific MLS #

On the main search page, click on “Advanced Search”, then enter the MLS ID in the “Enter an MLS ID” box of the Advanced Criteria Section.

Note: We combine listings from Multiple MLS Systems all into one platform for your convenience. Most MLS’s have a numbering scheme that starts with a Letter (Like A, or F), followed by a series of numbers. The one execption to this is the BeachesMLS Flex System, which has MLS #’s that start with “RX-” and then a series of numbers. In our system, for compatibility purposes, BeachesMLS Flex listings will only use the numeric portion. So, if you see an MLS# somewhere that looks like this: RX-10906459, it will be carried in our system as just: 10906459. For these listings you would use just the numeric portion when searching. For all other MLS’s the MLS #’s will start with a single Letter, followed by a series of numbers (for example: F10381258).

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